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Applied Psychometric Awareness

Practical insights into how people tick!

Thousands of people like you are benefitting from APA (or Applied Psychometric Awareness).

This set of simple, easy to learn yet POWERFUL techniques, allow you to understand what makes others tick – almost instantaneously.

In short…

  • APA – Practical insights into how others tick
  • Delivered in 5 video lectures – each lasting about 12 minutes
  • Fully funded – free to take the course
  • Supporting information, lecture transcripts and exercises
  • 2 Hours CPD (Continuing Professional Development)


Based on the work of seminal psychologist Carl G Jung – and supported by decades of in-depth research, psychometrics (literally “Measuring the Mind”) is a fascinating and far-reaching subject.

Delivered over 5 video lectures of around 12 minutes each (plus supporting exercises), APA teaches you the most useful and practical elements via an accessible syllabus. All delivered directly to your preferred inbox.

And the best news… It’s fully funded. It won’t cost you a penny!

If you would like to embark on this FREE course and become qualified in APA (Applied Psychometric Awareness)… drop me your name and email address to be taken to the introduction video. It lasts about 7 minutes and is your gateway to understanding yourself and others like NEVER before.

Andy Edwards making a presentation
If you can’t trust people to do the work – it might be YOUR fault!

"Andy, I would let go if I could. I would, you know, delegate a bit more... If only I could trust those under me to do the job as well (or as fast) as me!"

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